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Shallow Water Bottom Fishing in Hawaii

Enjoy the beautiful views of the Waikiki Diamond Head Coast line with shallow water bottom fishing on a comfortable 42' Ocean Yacht or 38' Bertram Sportfisher. Shallow water bottom fishing takes place in waters to a depth of 60 to 200 feet, drifting along the coastline and fishing from the bottom of the reef. This is great for families to enjoy fishing with rod and reel in hand. Contact us to schedule your trip.

Hawaiian Coastline Shallow Fishing

Shallow Water Bottom Fishing

  • Fish for
  • Jack Travelli
  • Gray Snappers
  • Sheepshead Fish
  • Blue-Line Snappers
  • Rates
  • 4 hours $550.00
  • 6 hours $6.00
  • 8 hours $675.00

Contact us to schedule a relaxing shallow water bottom fishing excursion.